Some of my favorite .JOBS Career Microsites are the Veterans/Military focused microsites. I love seeing how companies merge their corporate branding with Military/Veteran related branding. These sites are some of our most creative in terms of looks and feels. One such Veterans Microsite is this weeks branding of the week. Below is a screenshot of This site like many of our .JOBS Veterans Crosswalks does and excellent job of blending military images with the job search and filter microsite technology.

The other thing I love about this microsite is that the branding does not just stop on the homepage. The “Recruiting Military Veterans” blurb can be found throughout the site along with the veterans specific recruitment video. A few simple images, blurbs, and videos coupled with the .JOBS Microsite technology has allowed Wells Fargo to build a robust digital recruitment strategy for veterans and transitioning military.

Seth Flater
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