A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post highlighting the positive effects of linking to .JOBS Microsites from your corporate career site. In math there are often multiple ways to prove a problem, so keeping with that idea I am going to give another example showing the power of linking to your .JOBS Microsite. Like I stated in the previous post on linking, we recommend this, because the most trusted source of job related information for any particular company is your company’s corporate career site. The corporate career site has huge amounts of history and trust with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so by linking to the .JOBS Microsite you are able to transfer some of that trust to the new SEO optimized microsite.

Avis Budget Groups is another company that we were able to consult on the benefits of linking to their .JOBS Microsite. They implemented the link from their corporate career site to avisbudgetgroup.jobs on October 26, 2011. Below is a screenshot of their corporate career site with the link highlighted and pointed out along with a screenshot of their .JOBS Microsite.

The results to their organic traffic have been huge. The month immediately after implementing the link they saw a 153% increase in organic traffic, but more telling is the fact that 4 months after implementing the link, organic traffic had increased by 434%. The link has continued to add more and more organic traffic each month. Avis Budget Group is using their .JOBS Microsite to take back ownership of Google Page One Results.

Seth Flater
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