Before I started working in the industry of internet recruitment the only thing I knew about Iowa was that they have an amazing college wrestling team in the Iowa Hawkeyes. After helping the Iowa Workforce Development team implement an Iowa State Job Bank .JOBS Microsite, I have learned a whole bunch of new things about the state. The biggest think I learned was that the Iowa Workforce Development team is very forward thinking and quick to act when they see a need. Iowa realized that their state job bank was not mobile optimized and it was missing out on tons of organic traffic so they contacted us and within a few weeks their two microsites were up and live. Their two microsites can be found on the domains and

The results Iowa has seen within the first 4 months of releasing the microsites have been absolutely amazing.  Just for fun here are the precentage increases they have seen since launching in April of this year.

  • Pages Indexed = 33,091% Increase
  • Impressions = 1,659,900% Increase
  • Visits = 134,533% Increase
  • Conversions = 89,200% Increase

Graphically this is what the growth looks like.

 The Iowa Workforce Development team saw a need, acted upon that need, and within 4 short months they are all ready seeing great results from their work.

Seth Flater
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