As of today we have 1,390 different .JOBS Career Microsites. As you can imagine there are a ton of different types of sites that make up that 1,390. When we are on calls with members talking about investing in additional .JOBS infrastructure, one of the first questions we get is how do I go about picking .JOBS Microsites for my company. There are many different ways to answer this question, but I find the best way is to show examples from the 1,390 and get them talking about how they segment jobs and where their hiring needs are. After much thought process a little addition/subtraction and one simple long division problem I have broken down the different sites into 7 different categories. Over the next couple weeks/months I am going to explain each one of these categories in separate blog posts. Below is a breakdown of the 7 Categories along with example sites.



Occupation/Job Title



Specialty Job Seeker Groups

Future Ideas

  • College Focused
  • Career Fair Focused
  • Additional Brands
  • Anything you can imagine



Seth Flater
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