As you can imagine, I spend a lot of my day doing searches on Google. Over time I have come across interesting job search facts. I am going to highlight three of these facts below.

  1. Have you ever wondered what type of employment the world is looking for? Are job seekers looking for full time employment or part time. Your gut probably tells you that part time employment opportunities are searched more, but I would bet you would not have guessed how much more. “Part Time Jobs” is searched 1,945% more times a month than “Full Time Jobs”. So, if you have a job that would be considered part time, make sure “part time” is written somewhere in the job.
  2. When picking microsite domains, one of the questions that consistently comes up is whether they should build a site around the term “engineering” or the term “engineer”. The answer is fairly straight forward. “Engineering Jobs” is searched 1,025% more times a month than “Engineer Jobs”. The “-ing” is important so don’t leave it out.
  3. Across most states the number of searches for “Jobs in State” is fairly similar to the search of “State Jobs”. For example “Jobs in Texas” and “Texas Jobs” are searched equally at 4,400 times a month. There is one state where this trend is absolutely blown out of the water. In the state of Maine, “Jobs in Maine” is searched 402% more than “Maine Jobs”. The only reason I can come up with for this is that it is just awkward to say “Maine Jobs”, so job seekers naturally type “Jobs in Maine” to avoid this awkwardness.

The stats for these facts all came from Google AdWords.

Seth Flater
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