Last week I had a post talking about Picking .JOBS Career Microsites. Within in this post I discussed how there were 7 different categories of career microsites. Today I am going to dive deeper into the location category of career microsites.

Location microsites are some of the most popular choices. One of the first things job seekers look for in a job is the location, so it just makes sense for companies to build a microsite around a specific country, state, city, or region. By doing this companies are able to start tapping into the huge number of job seekers adding specific locations to their searches. Location based .JOBS Microsites work best when there are many jobs in that location. Building a site around a location where there is only a few jobs makes it very dificult for the site to gain traction on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The more broad you go with a location microsite the more searches that exist. A real life example of this is shown below.  “USA Jobs” > “California Jobs” > “San Diego Jobs”

Search Monthly Searches
USA Jobs 2,240,000
California Jobs 1,000,000
San Diego Jobs 246,000

This does not mean to always go broader though, sometimes the best candidates are the ones that search a specific location. There are a ton of things to take into account when choosing location based .JOBS Microsites. My rule of thumb is that a location based microsite is effective if it matches the way you recruit, and it is utilized correctly. Below is a list of some of my favorite location based sites.

Seth Flater
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