To start the week I will be continuing my look at picking optimal .JOBS Career Microsite domains. This is an 8 part series. Part One covered the 7 different categories. Part Two looked at .JOBS Microsites built around locations.

Something that is consistent across all companies is that they belong to an industry. In terms of competition for talent, companies tend to compete along industry lines, thus it makes sense to build a .JOBS Microsite around your particular companies industry. Some of our most successful microsites are segmented by industry. Usually these microsites contain all of their jobs, since all of their jobs would be classified to be a part of their specific industry. For example an accounting job at Hilton Worldwide could be considered a Hospitality Job, because it is an accounting job in the hospitality industry. As you will see from the table below, job seekers tend to search by industry when looking for jobs. I am no expert in job seeker behavior, but if I have worked at and insurance company in the past it makes sense for me to search for other insurance jobs, since I have experience in that industry.

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Insurance Jobs
Finance Jobs
Aerospace Jobs
Hospitality Jobs
Healthcare Jobs


Below is a list of some industry related .JOBS Microsites.

Seth Flater
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