IHG is constantly thinking about how to improve their .JOBS Microsites.  In a post a few months ago I highlighted the effects that IHG had seen since implementing new branding across their sites.  Well, on August 15, 2012 they released another version of their microsites in terms of branding.  Below is the before and after shots as well as the results.

Before August 15, 2012                                           After August 15, 2012



Before August 15, 2012 After August 15, 2012 Percentage Change
 Visits 24,075 25,639 6.50%
 Pageviews 85,258 84,308 -1.11%
 Conversions 4,391 5,031 14.58%
 Conversion Rate 18.24% 19.62% 7.57%


Overall the branding change had a positive effect on the numbers.  Since the switch to the new branding on August 15, 2012, visits have gone up by 6.50% and conversions have went up by 14.58%.  More importantly the Conversion rate saw an uptick by over 1%, which means that the simple branding change is causing 1 more person out of 100 to hit apply on the jobs.  The negative aspect of the new branding is that the new header area now links off to other sites, meaning the ability to be redirected to the corporate career site has increased.  This is a positive thing for the corporate career site, but a negative thing for the microsites.


Seth Flater
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