This week, DirectEmployers is having its annual meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. This will be my second annual meeting, and I am excited because this year I get the opportunity to present. On Wednesday, October 24th at 4:00PM I will be presenting on….. drum roll please….. Analytics. Who would have thunk it, the “Data Robot” is presenting on Analytics. During the presentation I will be explaining why we use two different analytics services (DirectTraffic and Google Analytics), and then I will show 5 reports that I claim will impress your boss. Instead of letting me drone on and on about the presentation, I will let the summary built by marketing explain it.

Using Analytics to Impress your Boss and Justify your Online Recruiting Strategy

A rocky economic situation has required HR professionals to fully justify their spending, both online and off-line. Gaining a better understanding of analytics and metrics that surround an online recruiting strategy can help validate spending to management teams as well as help identify which recruitment sources are providing the most effective results. In this informative session, attendees will gain information on how to define and explain analytics terminology, learn how to identify the various sources of traffic and how keyword targeting can help gain maximum search engine results.

If you are attending the annual meeting, I look forward to seeing you, and more importantly I look forward to seeing you in the crowd at 4:00PM on Wednesday.

Seth Flater
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