On October 30th and 31st DirectEmployers will be running a virtual conference on Disability Awareness.  I have the opportunity to present with Francene Taylor of IHG (InterContinental Hotels Groups). We will be discussing .JOBS and how it can be used to reach a disability audience.  To register for the event go here. Below is a description of what will be covered.

Today’s job seekers  including individuals with disabilities, are relying on search engines more and more to find jobs. To be specific, there are over 60,000 monthly searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing that contain the words “Disability Jobs”. IHG has leveraged a .JOBS disability microsite which allows individuals with disabilities to put their best foot forward and focus on their abilities, not their disability. IHG has embraced targeted job SEO and online communities to improve disability recruitment and outreach.

IHG knows that talent doesn’t have boundaries – an individual is only limited by what they think is possible to achieve. People who love and are successful in the hospitality industry have a heart for service, and IHG knows that individuals with these skills exist in the disability community. IHG has seen great success with their 25 other .JOBS Career Microsites and decided to apply this success to a Disability-focused microsite located at http://ihg-disability.jobs. Learn about the story that lead to this first-of-its-kind disability recruitment tool, and the early success being seen after only three months of being live.

Seth Flater
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