To start the week I will be continuing my look at picking optimal .JOBS Career Microsite domains. This is an 8 part series. Part One covered the 7 different categories, Part Two looked at .JOBS Microsites built around locations, and Part Three looked at .JOBS Microsites build around company industry.

Many companies that we talk to tend to have a couple occupations/job titles that they just struggle finding talent for. Whether it be a specific type of engineer or a specific occupation in the healthcare field they seem to constantly be searching for people to fill these positions. With these hard to fill occupations/job titles, we have recommended to companies that they build out a site around these individual jobs. This gives them access to the talent searching for these keywords on Google, and it allows them to target their company brand and message to individual occupations. We have found that these microsites are very popular with recruiters who are in charge of specific occupations.

Search Monthly Searches
Mechanical Engineering Jobs 135,000
Lineman Jobs 22,200
RN Jobs
System Operator Jobs
Occupational Therapist Jobs 60,500

Below is a list of some Occupation/Job Title related .JOBS Microsites.

Seth Flater
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