Today for the .JOBS Microsite Branding of the week we will be looking at There is so much to love about this microsite configuration, I am not sure where to start. First I love the use of the 100,000 Jobs Mission logo in the upper left of the header. The logo is there for people to see, but it does not distract from the overall mission of the site. I also really like how the military button is completely worked into the navigation of Pitney Bowes’ corporate career site. Finally the imagery/tagline used on the billboard image, really drives home the point of the site. Pitney Bowes wants transitioning military members to know that they realize that moving from the military to the civilian world is a big transition, but it will be an exciting brand new opportunity. Special thanks goes to TMP Woldwide who helped Pitney Bowes develop the creative content that populates the site.

Seth Flater
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