The slide above is used in a majority of our .JOBS Presentations. The data from this slide comes from Experian Hitwise. We use it because it does a nice job of visually showing the current job search market on the internet. Recently we received a question centered around this particular slide. The question along with the answer provided by us, really helps to better explain the job search market.

This slide suggests search engine usage is up while job board usage is down . . not much context around this assertion, plus your own data shows that Indeed is a much stronger traffic source than Google.

Answer:  First, Indeed is classified as a Job Aggregator not a Job Board, thus meaning it would not be classified in any of the three circles. Second, the graphic on the slide actually helps to show why Indeed is a much stronger traffic source than Google. The reason Indeed is a much stronger traffic source is that it dominates search result pages on Google. Indeed does not get a ton of direct or referral traffic, a majority of its traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Their model for getting traffic actually flows perfectly with what we are accomplishing with .JOBS Microsites. Instead of going to a search engine like Google and doing a search for jobs and then being redirected to another search engine like Indeed, .JOBS Microsites goals are to make Google the job board and let companies compete directly.

Put more efficiently Indeed obtains its traffic from Google, why not compete directly on Google and cut out the middle step. The question above would be equivalent to saying “I give an allowance of money to my kids, thus the true spending power of the family lies with my kids”. Indeed has traffic just like the kids have money, but if you truly wanted access to this traffic or money you would go to the source (Google or the Parents).

Seth Flater
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