Today we will be continuing our look at how to pick optimal .JOBS domains for your company. This is an 8 part series. Part One covered the 7 different categories, Part Two looked at .JOBS Microsites built around locations, Part Three looked at .JOBS Microsites built around company industry, Part Four looked at .JOBS Microsites built around occupations and job titles, and Part Five looked at .JOBS Microsites built around job seeker skills.

Today we will be looking at microsites that are built on combinations of locations with industries, occupations, and skills. Hopefully I did a good job of explaining the power of targeting locations, industries, occupations, and skills. If I did then understanding the power of combining them makes a lot of sense. Sometimes companies want very niche targeted talent in a specific location. One way to do this is to build a microsite around this specific subset of talent. The best example I can give would be Nurses. My sister and soon to be sister in law are both nurses. When they search for jobs that do not just go out to Google and search for “Nursing jobs”. This type of search is way to broad, since nursing jobs can be found across the entire country/planet. Instead they will add a location to that search. Something like “Indiana Nursing Jobs”, “Indianapolis Nursing Jobs”, “Avon Indiana Nursing Jobs”. Understanding this type of job seeker behavior leads to microsites built around combinations.

Keyword Monthly Searches
Seattle Nursing Jobs 1,600
Chicago Accounting Jobs 2,400
China Pharmaceutical Jobs 170
New York Engineering Jobs 5,400


Below is a list of some Combination .JOBS Microsites.


Seth Flater
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