For my first blog post of the new year, we will be continuing our look at how to pick optimal .JOBS domains for your company. This is an 8 part series. Part One covered the 7 different categories, Part Two looked at .JOBS Microsites built around locations, Part Three looked at .JOBS Microsites built around company industry, Part Four looked at .JOBS Microsites built around occupations and job titles, Part Five looked at .JOBS Microsites built around job seeker skills, and Part Six looked at combination microsite domains.

Today we will be looking at microsites that are built around specialty job seeker groups. This type of microsite has been by far the most popular. Typically companies are constantly struggling to attract top talent in niche job seeker groups, building a microsite around these groups is a very progressive way of attracting this top talent. The 4 most popular examples of this type of microsite are Veterans, Disability, Diversity, and Minority.  Below is a description of a Veterans Microsite along with a breakdown of other specialty job searches.

Today’s jobseekers, including service members, veterans and their spouses and families are relying on search engines more and more to find jobs.  More specifically there are over 165,000 monthly searches that contain the words “Veteran Jobs.”  Learn how to leverage a .JOBS veteran microsite that allows our heroes to put their best foot forward and successfully transition to a civilian career with your organization. See how Phillips 66, a progressive Member company, is embracing targeted job SEO to improve veteran recruitment and outreach.

Keyword Monthly Searches
Veterans Jobs 165,000
Disabilty Jobs 60,500
Diversity Jobs 15,000
Minority Jobs 4,500


Below are some examples of Specialty Group .JOBS Microsites.


Seth Flater
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