Today, we will finish our look at how to pick optimal .JOBS domains for your company. This has been an 8 part series. Part One covered the 7 different categories, Part Two looked at .JOBS Microsites built around locations, Part Three looked at .JOBS Microsites built around company industry, Part Four looked at .JOBS Microsites built around occupations and job titles, Part Five looked at .JOBS Microsites built around job seeker skills, Part Six looked at combination microsite domains, and Part Seven looked at specialty job seeker group microsites.

The final category of microsites is the overarching one titled “Future Ideas”. It seems like every other week or so, I am on a phone call with a company asking about other ways to use the microsite platform. I have had conversations about specific college focused sites, career fair sites, and even microsites built around specific brands within the company. Basically if it is searched on Google or there is a need to subsegment jobs for specific campaigns we can build a microsite around that. The technology we use is extremely flexible, which makes all sorts of microsites possible. Give us a call if you have an idea, I know personally I would love to get new categories of microsites to track.


Seth Flater
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