Last week I covered Part I One of my .JOBS proof. In that post I outlined the proof by giving the two facts we will start from along with the statement that we are proving. Below is the statement that we will be proving

The .JOBS Universe helps companies win search result and thus win talent from job related searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Today we will start working our way through the proof. The beginning part of the proof will focus on proving it by Data. There are two different ways to look at Data within the .JOBS Universe. We can look at the overarching data or the conglomerate data or we can look at the data from individual companies utilizing .JOBS. Depending on the type of person you are each, either Big Data or Individual Data will resonate more with you. In an effort to prove by exhaustion I will prove it both ways.


If I were to prove .JOBS using Big Data, I would start with the following facts

  • DirectEmployers owns and manages 40,000 .JOBS Domains
  • DirectEmployers has 647 companies utilizing the .JOBS platform in their recruitment strategies
  • DirectEmployers runs over 2,000 different career focused microsites for these companies
These statements will hopefully help to prove the mass of data we have at our fingertips and also subtly show that if 647 companies are utilizing our technology, “Why aren’t you?”, but maybe you want to see some Big Data around our success. Let’s concentrate on some Big Data from January 2013.
  • Over 3 Million Visitors across DE owned .JOBS Domains
  • Helped companies win traffic from over 400,000 different organic keywords


Maybe after the Big Data section you are saying something like, “that’s all well and good, but I really just care about my specific company, in my specific industry, with my specific jobs”. While it’s not possible for me to predict the future of your data within the .JOBS Universe, I can give a lot of examples that will hopefully prove that .JOBS SEO works for any industry, any number of jobs, and for any length of time. Below is data from 5 companies that represent 5 different industries, 5 different time frames, and 5 different amounts of jobs open on any given day.

Technology Company – 2 Years of Data (Over 8,000 Jobs)

Energy Company – 2 Years of Data (Less than 100 Jobs)

Transportation Company – 1 Year of Data (700 Jobs)

Retail Company – 6 Months of Data (2,000 Jobs)

Insurance Company – 3 Months of Data (650 Jobs)

The huge amount of graphs wraps up my attempt to prove .JOBS with data. Next week we will dive into proving .JOBS for visual people.

Seth Flater
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