Over the past two weeks I have covered Part One and Part Two of my .JOBS proof. In Part One, I outlined the overall structure of the proof with some facts and the statement we would be proving. For a refresher, the statement we are proving can be found below. In Part Two we started our proof by proving through exhaustion with data.

The .JOBS Universe helps companies win search result and thus win talent from job related searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Today we will start working our way through the second aspect of the proof, we will be proving .JOBS through visuals. Not all people are impressed by analytics, some want to be able to see it before they believe it. With that in mind I will present 6 sets of visuals which will help in proving the power of .JOBS. The visuals show different search results that the .JOBS platform is currently winning along with screenshots of what the sites that win look like. I am going to let the visuals do the talking.

State Search (.JOBS Network)

Job Seeker Group (.JOBS Network)

Healthcare Occupation Search (.JOBS Career Microsite)

Technology Occupation Search (.JOBS Career Microsite)

Energy Occupation Search (.JOBS Career Microsite)

Veteran Military Occupation Search (.JOBS Career Microsite)

Seth Flater
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