Over the past three weeks I have covered Part OnePart Two, and Part Three of my .JOBS proof. In Part One, I outlined the overall structure of the proof with some facts and the statement we would be proving. In Part Two we started our proof by proving through exhaustion with data. In Part Three we looked at how we can prove .JOBS with Visuals. Finally today we will finalize our .JOBS Proof by looking at the idea of testimonials.

We have already proved .JOBS by data and by visuals. The last area that might resonate with people would be testimonials. You might be saying, we know it’s easy for you to tell us it works Data Robot, but we’d rather here it from other clients/member companies directly. For this area of the proof I am just going to send you to CaseStudy.jobs. This domain is where we house all of the different .JOBS Case Studies. We currently have 3 case studies related to this idea of testimonials. We have case studies detailing AT&T’s, IHG’s, and 24 Hour Fitness’ experience with the .JOBS suite of products. These case studies serve as phenomenal proof of concept and we are currently working on more. On top of that we would be happy to give you contatct information for many of our other satisfied customers so that you can get the testimonial straight from them.

This completes our .JOBS Proof. Through Data, Visuals, and Testimonials I hope I have been able to give you a clearer vision of how .JOBS works while also proving it.

The .JOBS Universe helps companies win search results and thus win talent from job related searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Seth Flater
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