Digital Recruitment Challenge

A growing trend among our Member companies is the need to develop a strategy around “Virtual Jobs”. The segment of jobs considered to be virtual is an ever changing challenge in the internet recruitment industry. At the beginning of 2013, DirectEmployers and .JOBS were approached by Xerox Services with a challenge around their virtual jobs. Their challenges are listed below:

Virtual Job Challenges

  • Develop a job search portal where virtual positions can be easily segmented from non-virtual positions
  • Develop a portal where virtual career related information can be housed
  • Grow organic search results in relation to Xerox Services Virtual Jobs

.JOBS Microsite Solution

The challenges that they were experiencing with recruiting for virtual positions is exactly what the .JOBS Microsite platform was built to help with. We worked with Xerox Services to build out a virtual-focused microsite on the domain The main challenge we faced was coming up with a way to pull only their virtual jobs into their platform. This was solved by Xerox adding the following criteria at the bottom of each of their job postings. The bottom of their jobs all contain the phrase “Virtual/work from home? Yes/No”. The recruiters at Xerox put this at the bottom of all of their postings, and if the phrase says “Virtual/work from home? Yes” then we pull the jobs into their .JOBS Microsite. Below is a screenshot showing the landing page related to virtual positions on Xerox Services Corporate Career Site. The screenshot highlights the area where this page links out to Basically the first two challenges above were solved by the implementation of the .JOBS Microsite platform. The third challenge will be covered in the results section.















Since launch in January of 2013 we have seen huge growth in terms of pages indexed, impressions, visits, and conversions. Below is a breakdown of the percentage growth for these four statistics, as well as the graphical representation of this growth.

  • Pages Indexed = 2,547%
  • Impressions = 700%
  • Visits = 28,475%
  • Conversions (Apply Clicks) = 96,900%

Not only have we seen huge growth in terms of traffic, but visually and with search result rankings we are seeing exciting things in terms of results. The search phrase “Virtual Jobs” is searched 60,500 times globally a month on Google. Currently when the search “Virtual Jobs” is conducted, ranks 19th out of 401,000,000 results. Below are screenshots showing some unbranded organic searches that Xerox is currently winning traffic from.

Seth Flater
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