Q: Data Robot, every week you have graphs and tables showing pages indexed, impressions, visits, conversions, and CTR (Click Through Rate).  Can you define each of those for me?

A: Great Question, below are the individual metrics with definitions.

Pages Indexed = Amount of Unique Pages that Google Sees from your site.  Google goes out and crawls websites on a daily or weekly basis depending on the popularity of your site. The amount of unique pages that their bots crawl is the pages indexed for that site.

Impressions = How many times your .JOBS microsite was presented to a job seeker on Google, could be loosely defined as how many times did you rank well enough in a Google search to be seen.

Visits = How many people visited this site, if a person visits multiple times it counts towards the total

Conversions = How many people click apply on a job, click your talent community button, or click on one of your social media links at the bottom of the microsites.

CTR (Click Through Rate) = Percentage of visits that turn into conversions

Seth Flater
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