Digital Recruitment Challenge

A growing trend among our Member companies in the retail space is the need to develop a strategy around smartly and effectively highlighting evergreen positions. Evergreen jobs are jobs that are always open or fresh for a specific company. These are jobs were the company is not necessarily hiring at the moment, but they are perpetually looking for good candidates to fill the roles. These type of jobs are the ones always in need and having these jobs posted and helping to build a talent pipeline makes for a more efficient recruitment cycle on them. REI is a member company that has a lot of Evergreen positions. At this moment REI has over 1,640 jobs open. Of these 1,640 85 would be considered regular current openings and 1,555 would be considered evergreen positions or jobs where REI is currently accepting applications. The challenge with these jobs is that it is extremely important to highlight or differentiate Evergreen jobs from current openings. Through the use of .JOBS Microsites, the wildcard facet feature, and the featured jobs upgrade, REI has been able to seamlessly merge there two types of jobs into one jobs platform, while maintaining elements that announce to job seekers the differences of the jobs.

.JOBS Microsite Solution has been able to solve the evergreen challenge through two different features available on .JOBS Microsites. The two features along with screenshots are shown below.

Wildcard Facet

On every one of REI’s .JOBS Microsites there are filters for State, City, and Job Title. REI has also added a filter where it filters jobs by “Status”. This filter takes REI’s jobs and breaks them down into two buckets. They have jobs where they are just “Accepting Applications” and they have jobs that are considered “Current Openings”. Giving this as an option to filter by makes it clear when job seekers are filtering jobs that there are two different types of jobs in the system.

Featured Jobs

The other element that REI is using on its .JOBS Microsites to highlight Evergreen jobs from current openings is the featured jobs upgrade. This feature allows for a specific subset of jobs to be highlighted differently from the rest. When filtering jobs or doing searches on REI’s microsites, the jobs that are currently open float to the top, they are highlighted subtly, and there are small logos added to them. This feature is best seen through screenshots and by visiting the site yourself.


This thought out process on Evergreen jobs and the use of 25 .JOBS Microsites has lead to huge increases in SEO traffic and job seeker interaction on REI’s microsites.

Seth Flater
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