Our .JOBS Microsite Branding of the Week is the site Providence-Epic.jobs. The first question you are probably asking is what is Epic, and no this blog post or this microsite has nothing to do with the animated movie coming out this summer.  Epic is a healthcare information technology system.  Below is the description on Epic from Wikipedia.

“Epic is a  privately held health care software company founded in 1979 by Judith R. Faulkner. Originally headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Epic moved to nearby Verona, Wisconsin in 2005. Epic’s market focus is large health care organizations. Epic offers an integrated suite of health care software centered on a MUMPS database. Their applications support functions related to patient care, including registration and scheduling; clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, and other care providers; systems for lab technicians, pharmacists, and radiologists; and billing systems for insurers.”

Below are some screenshots from the microsite.  Providence has done a fantastic job of taking a small niche sub-segment of their jobs related to a healthcare information technology jobs and using branding and imagery to build out a robust career microsite.

Seth Flater
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