It seems like every other day I see an article about how companies need to start caring about their mobile job seeker experience. Instead of hammering that point home again, I decided to just show the traffic trends that .JOBS is currently experiencing in terms of mobile traffic. Below is a graph showing the mobile traffic percentage over the last year. In June of 2012, 16.6% of all .JOBS Microsite Traffic was mobile job seeker traffic. Over the last year we have seen a gradual increase every month. On average mobile traffic has increased by .7% every month. This means every month more and more job seekers are turning to their phones for job searching. We are now showing that 25.6% of our traffic is coming from a mobile device. Basically 1 out of every 4 people that visit a .JOBS Microsite are doing it from a mobile phone.

I took this same data and decided to break it down by company/industry. I took some well established companies in the .JOBS Universe and figured out what their mobile traffic percentage was last month. As you can see below, mobile traffic varies greatly depending on which industry your company is in.

Seth Flater
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