Wildcard Facets

Also known as saved searches, custom facets consist of pre-selected keywords that are used to filter job results, and are displayed in either the filter section or used to define all of the jobs displaying on a microsite. Common custom facet keywords can be based on location (i.e. California, New York, Canada), occupation title (i.e. engineer, designer, sales person), O*nets or any text that may be found in a job description. Keywords should be carefully considered, as a poor choice in keywords will produce too many or too few results.

Wildcard Facet Examples

Company’s Role

You pick the way that the wildcard facet area will be used and provide mapping rules for custom saved searches.

DirectEmployer’s Role

We take the rules/guidelines provided by you and build out the saved searches so that they can be used on the .JOBS Microsite platform as the wildcard facet.

Seth Flater
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