This blog post outlines the process of providing and implementing content for the different .JOBS Microsites. Microsite content is information and assets used to supplement or reinforce a company’s brand messaging for a particular site or family of sites. Content should be relevant to the microsite’s focus, as well as strategic. Random or poorly conceived selections will do little to add value or attract job seekers to the site.

Company’s Role

You provide images, text, videos, and other content to be used within the blurb and Billboard templates.

DirectEmployer’s Role

We implement and build out the content across the appropriate microsites according to the company’s guidelines and instructions, as long as it fits within the allowed specs/templates constraints. We host the content on our servers and are responsible for keeping it up-to-date per your instructions.


Blurbs consist of text, images or videos intended to highlight information about the company. For best SEO value it is good to include text which can then be picked up by Google. Images do not help in site rankings, but do add visual appeal to job seekers. Blurbs should be short and concise. If content needs to be expanded upon a link to a static page may be an option.

The best option for displaying videos is to embed one that is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. These services will ensure that the videos are of good quality, stream well and can be viewed on multiple platforms and browsers.  Videos supplied directly by the client or are hosted somewhere else cannot always be used and are not guaranteed to display consistently across browsers and devices. A video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo also provides an opportunity for greater exposure.

Microsite Blurb Example ( &



The Billboard image is displayed only on the homepage and is intended to help brand a microsite and add visual appeal. The Billboard container is designed to hold images that are 960px wide and 522px high. Images smaller than this may look blurry or pixelated when added to the homepage. Larger images may need to be resized or cropped to fit in the container.

Billboard Examples

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