One of my favorite sentences to complete is the one above.  The .JOBS Top Level Domain is… I like completing this sentence because depending on who you are the .JOBS Top Level Domain has something for you.  Whether you are a Human Resource professional, a state workforce professional, a Chief Human Resource Officer, an SEO expert, or even a tech geek the sentence could be completed to target you specifically.  Below is a screenshot of a PowerPoint slide that we use to describe .JOBS and it completes the sentence above.

Let”s look at these 6 facts and show how .JOBS relates to the different groups listed above.

  • .JOBS is sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
  • .JOBS is endorsed by the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA).
  • .JOBS is endorsed by HR Policy Association, the Public Policy Association of Chief Human Resource Officers
  • .JOBS is powered by Verisign.
  • .JOBS is a technology driven product and service on behalf of DirectEmployers 670 member companies.
  • .JOBS is the largest provider of SEO in the job space with over 670 companies utilizing the .JOBS platform and over 40,000 .JOBS domains in its network.

These facts are so powerful that we put many of them at the bottom of our 40,000 .JOBS domains.  Check them out on (Scroll to the bottom).

Seth Flater
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