Over the last couple months we have been working hard to get 12 microsites live for Iron Mountain. The domain that has been the most interesting to brand and set-up has been their microsite built around their French Canadian jobs (IronMountain-FrenchCanada.jobs). The reason I like this domain has nothing to do with the fact that I took 4 years of French between high school and college if anything that makes me like it less, I like it because of the detail Iron Mountain went into to make sure every word on the domain was in French. This is not the first domain we have built out with a foreign language being a key component, but it is the first where every single word on the domain is in another language. On top of that, the branding and other elements added to the site greatly enhance its appeal. Through the .JOBS Microsite platform, Iron Mountain was able to create a one stop shop for French Canadian recruitment.

Seth Flater
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