A lot of times when I am on calls people will ask, “How is .JOBS doing?”. The typical business answer is it’s doing great. I am always looking to be more prepared with questions, so I decided to look at some statistics to determine a better answer to “How is .JOBS doing?”. This past month, .JOBS platform run by DirectEmployers crossed the 5 Million visitors traffic mark. This was a huge accomplishment and after we crossed it I decided to do a little more digging to determine what other big statistical highlights could be pulled out if we looked at the last 12 month time frame.

  • Over the last year we have averaged an 11.75%increase in traffic per month. So basically if .JOBS was an investment we would be getting an interest rate return of 11.75%.
  • Over the last year 8,064 more people per day are utilizing .JOBS Platforms run by DirectEmployers. For math nerdy people out there that is our slope or rise over run for the last year.
  • One of the big drivers of traffic has been mobile/tablet traffic. 12 Months ago our mobile traffic accounted for about 15.0% of our total traffic. It now accounts for 23.5%.
  • We now have 675 companies utilizing .JOBS Microsites. Over the last year we have averaged about 10 more companies a month coming on board with .JOBS.
  • We now have 2,203 different .JOBS Career Microsites. Over the last year we have averaged about 74 more .JOBS Microsites a month being released.

.JOBS is doing great…. numbers don’t lie.


Seth Flater
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