Today’s blog post on the Data Robot will be the first by a different author. Over the last year the .JOBS (DOT Jobs) Digital Strategy Team has added many new team members. The most recent is Drew Palmer, Digital Strategy Support Rep. We hired Drew with the idea of adding more creativity to the team to balance out the math nerdiness from the “Data Robot.” Without further ado, I will let Drew introduce himself and give some of his early takeaways of working with the .JOBS Digital Strategy Team.

Hello, my name is Drew Palmer and I am new here at DirectEmployers. Being the newest employee, I am very familiar with the common difficulties that job seekers face when looking for a job. DirectEmployers addresses and solves three of the most important issues job seekers face through the .JOBS Universe. Simple design, all real jobs, and search engine optimization are just a few of the many things your microsites would have helped me when I was looking for a job.

When searching for a job there are two very important things that job seekers want to know: where and what. The .JOBS Universe makes these two variables at the forefront of the design. Every Microsite has the where and what search boxes prominently on the site. This allows the job seeker to find the job they are looking for where they want to work. This is very helpful for someone who is looking to some place new to live or specific job.

Job seekers put a lot of effort into their job search and nothing is worse than applying for a job that is misleading or just doesn’t exist. Immediately after graduating College I moved to Phoenix Arizona. After I had settled in to my new place I began my hunt. I signed up for all the mainstream job boards, Craigslist and the local classifieds. As you can imagine this was an unpleasant experience. One job I applied for was a sports marketing position for a B2B marketing agency. They said they did work with the local MLB team but what they meant was they drove around soliciting local businesses trying to sell discounted tickets to the employees. The .JOBS Universe only posts jobs that are legitimate so jobs seekers don’t have to worry about applying for a position that isn’t what it says it is.

The most common way job seekers search for jobs is by typing it in to major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…). In most cases when you type in job type and city like most job seekers do, the results show only job boards and the only way to access and apply to the jobs is to create an account. The .JOBS Universe allows for your company microsites to show up directly on Google. Once a job seeker has found your site all the jobs are listed there with your company’s specific branding. From there you can browse freely without the need to sign up or create an account and once you find a job it will take you right to the company’s site.

Simple design, all real jobs, and search engine optimization are the three most important things the .JOBS Universe does for the job seeker. The Where and What box make it easy for job seekers when they are searching for a job, job seekers don’t have to worry about applying to fake jobs and they can find jobs using search engines. The .JOBS Universe makes it easier for job seekers to find jobs you post which means they have to worry less finding relevant to their skill set.

Seth Flater
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