Currently on our .JOBS Platform we have over 650 companies utilizing our .JOBS Microsite Product. Of those 650 Companies, over 125 have invested in either building out their one site or in adopting the multiple microsite strategy. Even though all 125 companies are using the same microsite platform the amazing part is that none of them are using it exactly the same way. This is because our .JOBS Digital Strategist are in fact strategists. Every company that has invested into .JOBS is investing in their own Custom Recruitment Solution. Our Digital Strategists literally get on the phone with companies and do a deep dive of their needs and wants. After the call they compile the notes and thoughts from the member company and then tailor a.JOBS Microsite solution around those information they gathered. The goal with .JOBS was to build a flexible platform that allowed for multiple uses/functions depending on the companies needs. With that said the 125 .JOBS solutions currently implemented can fit into 3 loosely defined categories. Over the next month I am going to dive into each of these 3 categories individually. I will explain what these categories are, give a few examples, and, as always, prove with some simple metrics the effectiveness of these various solutions.

Seth Flater
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