We have been very busy over the last couple months releasing many new flexible and custom homepage branding templates. We have a ton of companies engaged with the idea of building out their corporate career site on the intuitive SEO optimized .JOBS Microsite Platform. One of theose companies is Trustmark.  Trustmark is a very interesting company in terms of branding, because they are made up of 4 different brands or families of businesses. There is HealthFitness, CoreSource, Starmark, and Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions. Having all these different brands and logos can make it difficult to build a clean and simple corporate career site. Through the use of their marketing departments creative team and our Digital Designers, we were able to build a seamless, simple, SEO and mobile optimized corporate career site for Trustmark. Trustmark is using our Flexible Homepage Template, 3 different unique static pages, and the featured jobs section on their job listings.  Check out the site below and let us know what you think.

Seth Flater
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