Gaining online visibility to prospective job seekers is challenging and requires the incorporation of search engine optimization (SEO) in your recruitment strategy. While the concept of SEO isn’t new, it’s not always easy to grasp, especially for HR professionals who wear many hats in their daily grind.
We have worked with employers over the last several years to develop solutions to increase the visibility of their jobs in search engine results. The concept of using more than one domain (or microsite) has often proven successful. My colleague Seth has written about this and shared some great examples of effective strategies from companies like CenturyLink.

So how does this tie into the Network? First, to clarify, the Network is a collection of 40,000+ sites made up of location, occupation, and term or specialty sites hosted by DirectEmployers on behalf of our Members. This total collection of sites also includes the multiple company-owned and branded sites.

Over 80 of the these location and occupation sites such as, and, have recently inherited a flat, sleek design that will better help capture the jobs seeker’s attention. This updated design has a simple interface, including the standard where and what box, and an explanation on why specific companies are being featured on the page.

Getting featured on these sites is a quick and simple way to gain visibility for your company’s jobs and where a multiple microsite concept comes into play. website

To be designated as a Featured Company, you need to have a multi-site strategy that emphasizes hiring efforts in specific locations, occupations or terms. The companies featured on have all developed microsites specific to Texas such as,, and Now, job seekers can view their specific opportunities relevant to that Network site on a separate branded page after clicking on their logo.

Check out the full list of “featured” Network sites to see if any apply to your recruiting needs. Since this is a fairly new feature, many of the states are available.

We’re always eager to chat strategy and help companies take advantage of, or answer questions you might still have around SEO. Contact one of our Digital Strategists at 866-268-6206 or visit to learn more and get started with your multiple microsite strategy.

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