In 2013 we launched our first ever DirectEmployers Member Awards competition. The program was created to highlight our Members’ initiatives in the areas of recruitment, technology and compliance. Each category featured two tiers –– Tier 1 for companies with fewer than 10,000 employees, Tier 2 for companies with more than 10,000 employees –– and honored both a winner and runner-up.

We were blown away by the innovative programs and processes that our Members have in place, and excited to share each of them in this special Member Spotlight Series. First up, we’ll take a look at Emory University’s Dual Career Network department, the runner-up of the recruitment category for Tier 2.

What Is The Dual Career Network?
This specialized department of Emory University was established to provide employment assistance to the spouses and partners of newly or recently hired staff and faculty for up to one year or until employment is secured. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the program helps these spouses and partners to be considered for positions inside Emory University as well as to identify viable employment opportunities off campus within the Atlanta metro area. While employment is a major component of the initiative, it goes one step further to ensure that Emory University employees and their families are happily settled. It does this by helping to find quality schools for their children, offering neighborhood exploration and recommending realtors for those new the area, as well as making references for other needs they may have during their transition.

What Are The Results Of This Initiative?
Using it’s expansive network and valuable resources to make its program members more marketable in the job market, the Dual Career Network has placed 86+ spouses and partners, and is currently supporting more than 80 others in their job search. Aside from the benefits to the job seekers, this program has also helped Emory University to avoid losing faculty and staff, and to secure sought-after candidates, due to the Dual Career Network being available to help their spouse/partner.

In May of 2013 Emory was given the opportunity to host the 11th Annual International Dual Career Conference on its campus, allowing other employers who are interested in implementing such a program to network with national, local, and international Dual Career colleagues.

Great job, Emory University! Have initiatives that you think are “best in class”? Submit them for the 2014 DirectEmployers Member Awards! To learn more, email Katie Pfledderer and stay tuned for the next post in our Member Spotlight series where we’ll take a look at another Emory University initiative.

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