Written by Alex Amerling, former Digital Strategist at DirectEmployers Association

The story of David and Goliath is a common one. The story goes something to the tune of… a small unassuming boy challenges the giant Goliath while he is only equipped with a sling and some smooth stones. But with those small stones he takes down the giant, and wins the battle.

Sometimes I think that some of the Members of DirectEmployers feel like David when they compare budgets on recruiting and branding. How is a company that makes a mere fraction of the profits some of the Fortune 500 companies supposed to compete; they simply don’t have it in the budget. DirectEmployers gives these companies a solution to level the playing field – the My.jobs Network.

The Digital Strategy team is expanding their target audience to include “mid-sized” companies, or those who have 1,000 to 5,000 employees. That’s the primary reason I was brought to the team, to target this size of organization. These companies have the opportunity to invest in the unique branding opportunity provided by the My.jobs Network while the domain is still relatively young, giving these mid-range companies an advantage you can’t buy… time.

We have a few Members in the mid-sized range who are taking advantage of the My.jobs Solution. Colombia Helicopters out of Portland Oregon is a great example. They are the world-leader in commercial heavy-lift helicopter operations. Colombia Helicopters has under 500 employees, but is utilizing their microsite to reach a larger group of job seekers looking to join their mission.

Columbia Helicopter Jobs

Another mid-sized company using the My.jobs Solution is Colorado Springs Utilities. Winner of both the 2013 Candidate Experience Award and 2013 DirectEmployers Member Award for OFCCP Compliance, Colorado Springs Utilities has been a Member since 2010 and has taken full advantage of their My.jobs Member Microsite. Complete with multiple static pages to give the job seeker a better idea of exactly what Colorado Springs Utilities stands for, their microsite is an excellent example of the way mid-sized companies can directly compete with larger organizations.

Colorado Springs Utilities Jobs

These examples are just scratching the surface, and DirectEmployers will continue to help employers expand their recruiting strategies to reach a greater online audience. The key thing to remember here is that time is of the essence, there has never been a better time to get your recruiting brand out there. Even if you are a smaller company with a limited budget, DirectEmployers wants to empower you to compete on a level playing field. The .JOBS TLD will give you the advantage, and I would love to help you win those job searches.

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