Do you have a mobile optimized job listings page? If you are a Member of DirectEmployers or own a Microsite you do! Our Digital Strategists often breeze over the fact that our sites are built with a responsive design, but this feature deserves more emphasis on how much of an advantage you have over your competitors.

First, allow me to explain what I mean by mobile optimized job listing page. We design our microsites to look good on an array of screen sizes and have it set so that the proportions of the site change dynamically as the screen width fluctuates.

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This way your website automatically reformats itself and provides users a simplified interface and navigation for handheld or tablet devices. In fact, Google has endorsed this style of design because they only have to spider one URL rather than spidering the same information twice.1

Not only does this make Google happy, but it makes the job seeker happy too. Nothing is worse than trying to navigate a full size website on a 4’’ screen. An optimized site has large buttons so even people with sausage fingers can navigate with ease. Let’s take a look at a non-optimized site versus one that is…

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Here are some other stats to consider:
• 68% of job seekers report using a mobile device to search for jobs once a week or more.2
• 57% of users won’t recommend companies with poor mobile sites.3
• Only 18% of major companies have their job posts mobile optimized!4

Bottom line is that job seekers want a clean, easy to use site to browse for jobs. If you have a microsite, you are part of the 18% of employers ahead of the game. If you don’t have one yet contact a Digital Strategist at 866-268-6206 or visit and sign-up for a demo.


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