It is getting more and more difficult for brands to stand out when trying to attract top talent. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Universum, over 50% of respondents stated their biggest challenge in attracting talent is differentiation.

talent attraction stat from UniversumThe Internet is the go-to place for job seekers to search for jobs, and many companies are missing out on opportunities to standout amongst their competitors. Company career sites are not attracting top talent because they are too generic, revealing less about their unique position statement and more about their benefits and what they have to offer. DirectEmployers Member, Phillips 66, has taken significant steps forward, creating long-standing partnerships with several large universities who they have identified as providing good talent. After developing these partnerships, Phillips 66 incorporated a way to showcase these university relationships into their career site, thus distinguishing themselves as a key target company for new graduating talent. See how they’ve built their brand and partner outreach efforts into their campus recruiting initiatives by visiting

Bland statements like, “This is a fun place to work…” that are intended to attract new talent are missing the mark. Companies need to provide creative ways to showcase their work environment. In addition to acting as their corporate career site, Member company, REI, has done just this by using authentic pictures of employees and direct, meaningful quotes from their team members about their experience at the company. See REI’s career site and how they’ve made their brand stand out amongst the crowd by visiting


One way Phillips 66 is distinguishing themselves as a key target company for new graduating talent is through

Finally, companies need to understand how to make top talent feel wanted. Knowing what is important to the talent you are trying to attract is half the battle in distinguishing yourself. A big challenge for veterans and military service members transitioning from active duty to a civilian job is finding the jobs that fit their skill set. To aid in this transition Member company AT&T has incorporated a customized military skills translator to assist in taking military-learned skills and translating them into skills applicable to civilian jobs. Through a veteran-focused Microsite, AT&T, can speak to their military audience and provide them with a more customized job search tool.

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