DE-velopments is an overview of our product release updates and how they benefit DirectEmployers Member companies. Based on the release schedule, we determined it would be best to publish quarterly instead of monthly. Our last update covered August and September, so we’ve got a lot to catch up on!

Recruitment Marketing Solutions
Keyword Query Redirects User to Relevant Niche Career Site
To provide a better job seeker experience and increase traffic to niche career sites, keyword queries return the most relevant niche site (when applicable). For example, a job seeker looking for pilot opportunities with Republic Airways Holdings would typically search for “pilot” from the main career site page and be returned a results page with a long URL inclusive of the search query string. Since Republic Airways Holdings has built out several targeted niche sites in addition to the main career site at, the user is taken to This helps them have more control over their employment brand and create a better user experience. These redirects are also completely configurable, allowing for microsite owners to direct traffic as they see appropriate.

Facebook Jobs App
Our platform now includes a feature that enables companies to pull their jobs into a specific career section on their Facebook page. The branded elements such as color and imagery carry over from the career site to maintain the brand integrity. View the Facebook Jobs App in action on the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Facebook page.

Partner Relationship Manager
Enhanced Data Recovery for PRM Data
We’ve all done it – deleted something, then months later desperately tried to recover it. With OFCCP compliance and tracking outreach efforts, it’s important to keep clean records without the risk of removing something that may be needed in a future audit. Now in PRM, when a user deletes data (a Partner, Contact or a Communication Record), an archive of the record is stored so that it can be recovered if it was deleted in error.

Recently Launched

Check out what we’ve built for these three companies with our Recruitment Marketing Solutions technology:

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Thank you to all of the Members who have helped us along the way, and kudos to the DirectEmployers Product Development Team for their hard work

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