Top Five Blog Posts 2015

Job openings by state, background checks, OFCCP compliance updates and agency vs. in-house recruitment were just a few of the hot topics this year that piqued our readers’ interests.

Our blog includes contributors from our experienced staff, partners, employment law attorneys and job search experts who believe in sharing their two cents, knowledge and guidance for the greater good. Check out some of the most popular posts from 2015!

A Look at State-By-State Job Openings in the U.S.A.
This blog post was unique for a couple of reasons. First, it included an interactive infographic, updated in real-time, of job openings by state. It was also one of the first projects done in conjunction our friends at Firebelly. View the post now at:

Employment Background Checks: 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner as a Job Seeker
In this guest post, Nick Fishman, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of EmployeeScreenIQ, addressed common concerns around employment background checks. Learn why job seekers shouldn’t feel alarmed when employers run a background check:

Agency vs. In-House Recruitment: Pros & Cons Part I
This blog post was a rare treat, as Digital Strategist Ruth Toombs compared the pros and cons of working with recruitment agencies. The biggest benefit arguably – time:

The Next OFCCP and Employment Law Challenges: Labor Law Compliance at Your Company and “Supply Chain Management” for Your Federal Subcontractors
The next post comes to us from John C. Fox, Esq., President and Senior Partner at Fox, Wang & Morgan P.C. Fox is instrumental in helping our VP of Compliance & Partnerships, Candee Chambers, educate our Members around OFCCP compliance. While this post is lengthy, the substance is extremely valuable. See what he wrote about labor law compliance and supply chain management for federal subcontractors:

What You Need to Know About Executive Order 13672: Recap of OFCCP’s Webinars
Although it was a simple recap of two webinars from the OFCCP detailing a federal contractor’s obligations to the LGBT regulations that became effective April 8, 2015, this post from Candee Chambers proved very helpful to our readers:

Thank you to all of our contributors! If you’re a recruitment marketing or OFCCP compliance professional interested in sharing your knowledge, visit our guest post submission page to learn more!

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