Your team at DirectEmployers has been working up a storm. The second quarter is always a busy and exciting time for the Association with the Annual Meeting & Conference (DEAM). In fact, some of our developments listed below are a direct result of your feedback!

OFCCP Compliance
Admin Access and User Creation
Companies using PRM can now have a designated admin role. This enables you to assign different levels of permissions within the site, such as managing tags or updating contact information. To learn more about this functionality, contact your Membership Development rep or email

Dynamic Reporting in PRM
Out with the old and in with the new. But what if you prefer the “old” reporting option in PRM? You’re in luck! Users can switch between Classic Reporting and the updated Dynamic Reporting module during the transition.

To change the version, click on Reporting Versions in the reporting menu (on the right if viewing on your computer, on top if viewing from a mobile device). Once you switch versions, that setting will stay in place until you choose to change it back. Please note that saved copies from the Classic Reporting version won’t be available once it’s retired (timeframe is TBD), however you’ll still be able to pull reports based on the same criteria in the new format.

User Impersonation
Ever have an issue with software, but the support person on the other end can’t understand your explanation or fix the problem? To help make troubleshooting a smoother process, we developed User Impersonation. This feature lets DirectEmployers staff, with your permission, impersonate you for a limited amount of time to address any issues firsthand. For added peace of mind, the system logs all actions during the impersonation period.

Recruitment Marketing
Recently Launched:
During the DirectEmployers 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference (DEAM16), we unveiled one of the most robust career sites yet: Here are some other sites recently launched on our platform:

Check out this quick video tour of!

Member Benefits
Last but not least, the new and improved DirectEmployers Community is up and running. It’s a great place to ask those tough OFCCP compliance and recruitment marketing questions, seek out best practices and gain access to webinar archives, resources, events calendar, and more. If you don’t know how to access your account, please contact us.

If you have ideas or feedback to share, please contact your Member Services or Digital Strategy rep, or email

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