Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50 — prime career years! At this age, many people have already completed their advanced training/education, have been working and moving up the career ladder.

You can increase visibility as an employer with highly qualified, skilled–and diverse–employees

National Multiple Sclerosis Society opportunities include:

Staff from the National MS Society are also available to conduct MS/disability awareness training to employers; can be done online as a webinar so as to reach a wide audience. This maybe most appropriate to human resource professionals, hiring managers, and supervisors, but all employees can benefit from learning more about MS and how best to support employees with MS in the workplace. Training includes understanding MS (medical aspects), employment considerations and how to support employees with MS, as well as resources available.

People with MS have skills and abilities that are too valuable to waste.

Similar to other disabilities, accommodations for people with MS often cost nothing to make. If there is any cost associated with it, accommodations typically cost only approximately $500 (this is based on research done by Job Accommodation Network (JAN), JAN also has a variety of accommodation ideas that can prove effective.

Get involved with the National MS Society. Increase your knowledge and awareness about MS; and increase diversity of your workforce by hiring people with MS.

Steven NissenSteve Nissen is Senior Director, Benefits and Employment with National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In that role, he leads the nationwide work in ensuring people affected by MS throughout the country connect with health insurance, benefits and employment information and resources. Steve has been with the National MS Society since 1998, originally with the National Capital Chapter in Washington, DC where he oversaw the chapter’s comprehensive employment and benefit assistance program. Prior to joining the National MS Society, he worked for the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS), the state vocational rehabilitation agency, and also worked for a private vocational rehabilitation and case management company where he provided job development and placement assistance to individuals with physical disabilities. Steve has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Madison University, a Master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University – Medical College of Virginia, and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). Steve co-authored Employment Issues and Multiple Sclerosis, 2nd edition.




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