One definition of the word “honor” involves giving respect to those who are admired, or a showing of merited respect.

Roehl Transport respects and admires our nation’s veterans.

It’s fitting, then, that members of TeamRoehl who have served in our nation’s military can participate in the Roehl Honor Program. Roehl’s Honor Program recognizes our teammates in the program with a certificate of membership and thank you note signed by CEO Rick Roehl, a patch, pin and hat, a Challenge coin medallion and a window decal. Our truck driving teammates also receive a special Honor Program decal for their truck.

“Honor” is also defined as involving high standards of behavior, a keen sense of ethical conduct.

It’s also fitting, then, that those who have demonstrated high standards of duty, conduct and a commitment of service to their nation are a good fit as part of TeamRoehl.

Roehl Transport is built on a strong foundation of values including Safety, Respect, Accountability, Mutual Support and Teamwork, Integrity and Driver Success. We’ve been in business for over 50 years and are a recognized industry leader in operational excellence and safety, including being a three-time winner of the American Trucking Associations President’s Trophy – the industry’s highest honor for safety. On TeamRoehl, veterans find new ways to serve their nation through honorable service moving our country’s and the world’s economy forward as part of our nation’s vital transportation system.

We also honor our veterans through our unique two-year heavy duty truck driver apprenticeship program, approved by both the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Labor. Our apprenticeship program provides participants with structured professional development as a heavy duty truck driver, and provides veterans in the apprenticeship with the opportunity to earn their military educational benefits while they are also earning great pay as a commercial driving professional. And, we’re going beyond that. We’re in the planning stages of an innovative collaboration with a Wisconsin technical college. When implemented, graduates of our apprenticeship program will find themselves about halfway through a fully accredited Associate degree program they can complete online and at their own pace.

Our commitment to and respect and admiration for veterans is also apparent in Roehl being named a 2017 Military Friendly Employer by the publisher of GI Jobs and Military Spouse, the fourth time we’ve earned the Military Friendly distinction.

While it’s fun to be able to talk about all the ways TeamRoehl recognizes and honors those who have served our nation, getting to talk about it is not why we do it. That would be like saying veterans serve so somebody may one day say to them, “Thank you for your service.” That’s simply not the case.

Instead, veterans serve out of a sense of duty and honor to our nation and its ideals. They believe it is the right thing to do. And, that’s why Roehl Transport recognizes and honors veterans – because the right thing to do is honor those who have served our nation and its ideals through their military service.

Let’s all do the right thing – let’s honor our vets.

As part of honoring our veterans and members of our military, let’s remember that they protect and defend more than borders. They protect and defend the ideals that have defined us as a nation for over 240 years. The blessings of liberty and freedom in many forms – speech, religion, being safe and secure in our person, our possessions and our homes, the freedom to pursue our unique hopes and dreams, and the precious opportunity to participate in our democracy and choose those who represent us in government, among many others.

And, beyond protecting and defending borders and ideals and liberty, they protect and defend “us” – that grand collection of people from so many diverse and wonderful backgrounds, beliefs and walks of life. That grand collection of people who are Americans.

robotteportraitRob Otte is the Director of Corporate Training and Development for Roehl Transport, Inc. Roehl Transport is one of the safest and largest truckload and logistics companies in the nation. With many locations in the United States, the company delivers confidence and satisfaction by providing flawless transportation services. Learn more about Roehl’s employment, truck driving jobs and services at www.Roehl.Jobs.




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