We can say that we offer the best OFCCP compliance solution, but what really speaks volumes is what our Members have to say about why they choose to continually renew their memberships each year. With over 877+ Member companies, you’ll see we go beyond the nuts and the bolts of compliance regulations to provide access to industry experts and an abundance of tools and resources that empower Members with the knowledge they need to expand their skill set.

See what Pactiv has to say about why they are Members of the Association:

“When Pactiv initially joined DirectEmployers, we were looking for a compliance avenue. Over the years, they have become a trusted partner, providing a cost-effective, centralized technology enabling us to reach diverse, geographically distributed job seekers. Not only does this help us fulfill our legal requirements, but provides peace-of-mind while offering educational resources that support a guided approach to compliance.”

Learn more about becoming a Member by requesting more information from our Membership Development Team! If your company is already a Member, take advantage of the tools and resources Pactiv mentions in our Member-only community.

Jaime Costilow
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