For us, the Annual Meeting & Conference isn’t just a one-week event. It’s a year-long marathon of planning, meetings, more planning and excitement. The marketing team puts in countless man-hours on-site and throughout the year, and we still think it’s the best part of our jobs because of the joy it brings so many people–our coworkers included!

But who are the DEAM conferences really for? We get this question every year, and it’s simple. We diversify our agenda to accommodate your entire team. From OFCCP compliance and legal teams to talent acquisition and sourcing professionals, there are sessions that help bring each of these functions together to better understand one another’s challenges so you can work better as a team.

Still have questions? Here are the facts of our Annual Meeting:

Our conference continues to grow and we are proud to see that more individuals are coming with their teammates in tow. Each year we have over 350 HR industry professionals in attendance, and we pride ourselves on having wide range of industry and contractor sizes represented within our membership and at our conference. Not only will you gain perspective and education from the sessions you attend, but we provide ample networking time to interact with your peers and grow your professional network. You never know who you could meet. From Senior VP’s to early talent, all of our attendees are eager to learn and connect with one another in a genuine manner­. That’s what makes our conference special!

Speaking of our sessions–you won’t come to our conference and leave empty-handed. With over 21 hours of learning in our general sessions and breakout workshops, you’ll leave with actionable takeaways you can start implementing in your organization, plus HRCI and SHRM credits for your educational recertification needs. If you think sitting in a conference room for three days sounds less-than-appealing, don’t fret. We’ve built over 10 hours of networking time into our agenda that will give you a mental break in between sessions. If your brain works like mine does, conferences provide SO much information and I need a break to decompress and sort everything I just learned. Have I mentioned that we may or may not also be known for our amazing snack breaks and exciting evening events? You’ll thank me later while you’re grabbing your iced coffee or heading out for a night of fun with your fellow attendees.

We may have so much fun planning and preparing for our Annual Meeting & Conference, but the real magic happens on-site. We love seeing the attendee’s reactions to the different events we’ve planned, the speakers that have been selected and the overall energetic vibe and hospitality felt throughout the conference. Come check it out for yourself and register today!

As always, I hope to see you in Seattle!

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