There are so many elements that come into play when hosting a conference, but none more important than the programming and content. Having great sessions and dynamic speakers presenting that material is the cornerstone of any conference and can boost attendance more than any promotion ever could.

This fact, and our desire to provide exceptional education to our Members, is what drives us to provide attendees with unique and diverse sessions. This year, we are particularly proud of the diversity our agenda offers. Check out some of the sessions below that we’ve added to our mix of OFCCP compliance, recruitment and sourcing tracks:


Introducing AI to HR & Recruiting

While it might seem ironic, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are well on the way to lending a helping hand when it comes to solving the problems of human capital management. Recruiting is one of the toughest issues businesses face today, and companies like Unilever have stayed ahead of the curve using AI for their recruitment activities. Check out Katie’s session to see the pitfalls and promises Unilever has experiences in recruiting with AI. (See full session details)


How to Intertwine Recruitment Marketing & Social Media Strategies

By now you’ve got some tricks up your sleeves when it comes to recruitment marketing and social media strategizing, but when the two merge together to form a successful partnership and lead to better hiring, you celebrate and share your secrets! Join David as he shares the secret sauce that goes into planning your social media mix, discuss strategies for developing and managing content with ease. (See full session details)


Following the Shift from Millennial Talent to Hiring Older Workers

For the first time in history, the workplace has five generations working together and the demand for older workers is currently on the rise–so much so that Americans aged 65 and older are projected to be the fastest growing workforce segment through 2024. With so many recruiters having shifted their recruitment practices to meet millennial candidates, Steve Cook from AARP Foundation will use this session to share information on how the older worker population is growing, and statistics on this segment of the workforce. (See full session details)


Creating Additional Layers of Diversity with Native American Talent

Reaching out to a diverse audience requires an understanding of culture, and each talent segment requires different tactics and methods of approach. For employers, recruiting Native Americans remains a challenge, but when done correctly, can vastly increase diversity and inclusion efforts for one of the most misunderstood talent groups. Join Matthew Brogdon of Pathfinder Consulting and Christopher Key of True North as they share guidance on how to proactively reach out to and recruit Native American talent. During this session, you’ll learn crucial information regarding relationship building in the Native American community, as well as how to successfully source candidates from this talent pool. (See full session details)


Connecting with LGBTQ Talent on Your Staff

Ingalls Shipbuilding had no idea that when they started their LGBTQ employee resource group (ERG) in 2016 that it would lead them to be recognized as South Mississippi’s Industrial Champion for LGBT ERGs. In the beginning, Ingalls was new to the LGBTQ initiative, and reached out to companies with strong ERGs and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) for support. By working with fellow employers with similar initiatives, Ingalls has developed a successful and purposeful initiative. Join Leah Biggs and Robin Decker of Ingalls Shipbuilding as they discuss how they overcame the hurdles of establishing such a program. (See full session details)

These sessions are just a handful of amazing content we have in store for our 2018 Annual Meeting & Conference! Fan favorites John C. Fox, Joyce Morgan will be in attendance to present on the current regulatory landscape and what’s to come, and sourcing star, Johnny Campbell will join us to share his theory on the “war for skills”. Check out our full DEAM18 agenda online or access it from our handy conference app!

Jaime Costilow
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