Data. Analytics. Metrics.

For some, these words are intimidating but necessary. In today’s business world, companies are facing the need to identify analytics that can prove current efforts are either working or not working. If they are working, what is it specifically about current strategies that are working? If they’re not, what can be done better?

Many of DirectEmployers’ Member companies are facing the same dilemma. Over the past nine months, our Product Development team has been making improvements to the current Analytics platform to assist our Members in this effort. Development took a different approach this time and relied heavily on input from the Membership team at DirectEmployers, as well as from Member companies. Darrin Thompson, Senior Software Developer, asks, “Can we take everything we do in the development process and make sure every single bit is based on something we’ve learned about a user?” Sara Trempe, User Experience Designer, adds, “We learned that it’s really easy to make assumptions about how someone’s going to use something.” Both noted that an important part of the process was that they were striving to create software based on what the Member wants to see, not on what they think the Member wants to see.

Senior Software Developer Darrin Thompson and User Experience Designer Sara Trempe discuss how the Product Development team went about conceptualizing Analytics and what they learned along the way.

One of the first things Members may notice in the platform is that the terminology isn’t frightening or hard to understand–in fact, it’s easily broken down to make analysis easier to interpret. Thompson points out that one of the largest hurdles they faced was taking the “pile of data” they have and presenting it to Members in a format they can understand. “Everything you click on in this system is either a small word that’s easy to understand or it’s a word you use daily in your job like ‘job’ or ‘location’ or ‘syndication’.” With a focus on the Member experience, Trempe reiterated, “…with each tool we roll out, our goal is to make sure people get it and use it, and then have their jobs become easier because of it.”

To help make the data interpretation process simpler, data within the systems is not presented in a format that provides Members with a view of their job data as soon as they log in. Instead, they can toggle through a set of filters and drill deeper into their data to find reports that support their individual business cases. For example, Members can now see what traffic sources are sending job seekers specific requisition IDs. Members can also see what their most popular job titles are based on job views. These metrics can even identify how many job seekers made it back to the Job Origin, often times being the company’s career site or Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

All of this sounds great, but what’s the easiest way to get started in the system? Thompson says, “Start clicking on the tabs at the top.” Trempe follows up saying, “It’s not going to break. It’ll be fine. Try to break it, actually, please.”

All jokes aside, don’t be afraid to experiment with the Analytics platform and make it work for you. We pride ourselves on providing top-tier support and training, so if questions arise, our team is always standing by to help. You also have resources, guides and tutorials at your fingertips! Visit the Connect Community to access these tools and put them to work for you!  Members can visit Connect and search “Analytics” to read the full interview transcript.

To continue the member interaction and development process, Thompson and Trempe will be at DEAM18 in Seattle hosting product round-tables and one-on-one interviews to identify further areas of opportunity for development.  Reach out to your Membership team representative to schedule a time with them.

Our team recently did a webinar discussing the enhancements made to Analytics. To access this recording or share with your team members, please visit the Connect Community.

Jen Bernhardt is Director of Membership Engagement at DirectEmployers Association. Known for her high-energy and motivated personality, Jen has been assisting and educating Members of the Association on VEVRAA and Section 503 OFCCP compliance regulations for over six years. Through her position with DirectEmployers, Jen regularly aids employers by providing audit support and compliance training to ensure that each team member is kept updated on the regulations, as well as the technology available to them through their membership. When not in the office, this life-long sports enthusiast can be found enjoying a competitive game of volleyball with her husband and friends or spending quality time with her children, Charlotte and Jasper.

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