It’s a new year filled with new goals and programs on the horizon. Maybe you want to start a new Employee Resource Group (ERG)? Maybe it’s your talent retention policy that will receive attention. Or, maybe you’re ready to invest some time into your veteran hiring program. If it’s your veteran hiring program, we have a tool that can help kick-start your outreach. The best part? It’s included in membership!

Introduced to Members in January of 2018, VetCentral Direct is a direct messaging platform, much like a direct messaging platform on a social media channel, that connects local veteran representatives directly with hiring managers at participating DirectEmployers Member companies.

On January 16th, Lilly Jamshidi, VP of Business Development with SourceCast, shared how one of the best parts of VetCentral Direct is that it gives companies a way to expand their recruiting team without hiring anyone. She then provided an overview on the three easy steps DirectEmployers Members can take to get ramped up quickly:

  1. The first step is to complete your employer profile. This includes communicating your employment brand, sharing your hiring goals and commitments and creating house rules. Having a complete employer profile gives local veteran representatives an idea of who your company is, which then helps them identify the veterans who would be a fit for your open jobs.
  2. The second step is onboarding your VetCentral Recruitment Team. Introduce yourself to your local talent sources so they feel comfortable referring candidates your way. Introducing yourself to the local veteran representatives gives you a great “in” to get to know them, too. Also when you are connecting with local talent sources, be sure to explain your company’s veteran hiring initiatives so they can find veteran talent that best matches with your processes.
  3. Lastly…ENGAGE! Set up steps and processes to conduct job-specific outreach. Putting extra effort into the outreach is the best chance for your company to get qualified veteran referrals.

If you haven’t already signed up for the platform, we encourage you to request an account and test out the tool’s capabilities. Reach out to your Membership team, and we can get you started right away and well on your way to adding a new layer of outreach to your strategy. In the meantime, you can visit resources in the DE Connect Community, including the archived webinar from January 16th and a link to helpful training videos.

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