A few weeks ago, I attended my third Dining in the Dark event, hosted by DirectEmployers’ partner, Bosma Enterprises. This is a charitable event in which attendees step into the shoes of blind and visually impaired individuals and eat dinner while wearing a blindfold. (What a task that is!) This year’s event was Kentucky Derby themed, and while sipping Mint Juleps and admiring the floppy hats and fascinators worn by attendees, it left me uncovering parallels between the famed race and the Human Resources industry. My marketing brain began thinking up slogans such as, “the race to find the perfect candidate”, “crossing the finish line to a successful audit”. I began to wonder what would comprise the “Triple Crown of HR”? Three pillars immediately stood out to me: Sourcing, Recruitment, and OFCCP Compliance.

So, what are the steps to winning the race, and where does DirectEmployers come in to play? Take a look at the ways our products and services can help you conquer these areas and ultimately take home the Grand Prize. And they’re off…


Let’s talk about Sourcers–those of you who are responsible for attracting passive candidates. How do you attract someone who’s not looking for you? It’s all about employer branding and engagement! Marketing yourselves as a desirable employer is vital in grabbing the attention of someone who may not be currently looking to make a career move. Take advantage of your career site and social media outlets to display your company culture with photos of staff participating in fun company events, or photos of your awesome office workspace, share videos of your employees talking about what they love about their job, or create content that demonstrates the perks and benefits of your company–the options are endless!

With DirectEmployers, your membership includes a company career site with the opportunity to upgrade its functionality and branding through our Recruit Rooster team. They also have amazing creative services, including professional photography and video editing. You can then take these assets and share them everywhere–especially on social media. You never know who may see them and become interested in your organization! Check out this social recruiting blog post for some easy first steps.

Want to know which of your efforts are working and which may not be worth your time? Your membership team can also help you add source codes, or automatic tracking codes, to the jobs syndicated on your behalf. Rather than relying on the candidate to self-identify where they found your job, this automatic code does that for them. Contact your Member Engagement Representative for more information on this free service.


Now, onto those who are looking to make a career move; the active candidate. As a recruiter you know you need to get your jobs in as many places as you possibly can to be able to get the candidate pool you need to make a great hire. As a DirectEmployers Member, we automatically scrape your jobs and distribute them to thousands of sites within our syndication list. This includes veteran, disability, and diversity sites hosted by our partner organizations, as well as state workforce job banks!

OFCCP Compliance

The next step in the Triple Crown series is OFCCP compliance.As a Member, we will list your jobs with the local employment service delivery systems (ESDS), as required by the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA), and also deliver your jobs to state job banks via the National Labor Exchange (NLx), an exclusive partnership between DirectEmployers and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). Basically, we’ve got you covered!

Next up, outreach documentation and management. This is where our Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) comes in to play. PRM allows you to record, store and access data that demonstrates the meaningful relationships and outreach activities as required by VEVRAA and Section 503, while also making outreach efforts a company-wide responsibility. Want to know more about how it works? Check out this quick guide to PRM!

And, speaking of veteran, disability and diversity partners–our connections can easily become your connections! We have done the work to build relationships with valuable organizations who can help you with your targeted hiring needs. You simply need to reach out and document your interactions! Our PRM includes an OFCCP Partner Library, complete with contact information, so it’s as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. In the event of a compliance evaluation, we offer extensive reporting to show proof of your job listing and delivery, as well as your outreach efforts.

We’ve officially crossed the finish line and you are one step closer to winning the race. We hope you see the integral role that DirectEmployers can play for your organization–and we offer unlimited training for your team! If you’re already a Member, feel free to reach out to your membership team to explore more ways we can help, or if you’re interested in becoming a Member, request a demo and someone will be in touch with you shortly!

Kacie Clark
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