Case Study: Xerox
Recruitment Marketing Platform Case Study


Virtual, work from home jobs are becoming a regular occurrence in today’s labor market, and a growing number of Members are developing recruitment strategies around these positions. However, employers are still finding it challenging to market these positions separately from their non-virtual positions. As a company looking for a way to segment these two job categories, Xerox approached DirectEmployers with a clear set of goals:

  • Develop a job search portal where virtual positions can be easily segmented from non-virtual positions
  • Develop a portal where virtual career related information can be housed
  • Grow organic search results in relation to Xerox Services Virtual Jobs

By working with our Digital Strategy team, Xerox was able to solve their problems and more by implementing a customized Recruitment Marketing Solution that improved traffic to their open positions, while increasing their search engine ranking to this targeted job segment. Learn more about their experience and the results they’ve achieved by downloading the full case study.

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