LockheedMartin-TopSecret.jobs is one of my favorite domains in the .JOBS Universe. Thinking of certain jobs being considered “Top Secret” makes me think of James Bond and Mission Impossible. Below you will see the home page for the site. You will see Lockheed Martin’s header and then below that is an interesting image showing a complex top secret map. The branding on this site does a great job of drawing your eyes to the “Where” and “What Box” as well as making you aware that the job content on this page is considered top secret.

The search result and job listing pages of the site are shown below. The search result page shows another top secrety looking image as well as a blurb about security level clearance positions at Lockheed Martin.  The blurb and image do a phenomenal job of moving job seekers to look through the jobs.






















Below is a screenshot showing where Lockheed Martin now ranks for the search “Top Secret Jobs”. They are using their brand and the domain name to begin taking back ownership of this job segment. Since the launch of this site, Lockheed Martin has had over 100 relevant job seekers hit apply on one of their top secret jobs.


Seth Flater
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